Get to know the famous Carnival dances of Rio de Janeiro.

Another program to enjoy during Carnival are the private parties. There are events of all kinds and, contrary to what many people imagine, you don’t need a fortune to enjoy these variations.

Private Parties, Carnival Dances

One of the exceptions is the party at Copacabana Palace Hotel, a unique event that, together with the space where it happens, makes us live a night of dreams where elegance and brilliance are the guests of honor.

Other famous parties that we can take into account are those offered by the Rio Scala Club.

In the parties the costumes are not mandatory, however their use will allow us to be in accordance with the night and its poetics, besides that it will make our experience more special since we will be part of the carnival.

Magic dance at Copacabana Palace Hotel.

This wonderful event happens at the legendary and luxurious Copacabana Palace Hotel.
This is the most famous private carnival dance, the place that stands out for its glamour and sophistication.

For women it is mandatory to wear a luxurious costume or evening dress, as well as for men. Every year, international and national personalities participate.

The entrance includes a buffet dinner and a bar open all night, as well as unlimited access to the various rooms.

There are two types of entrance, one where we will have a seat at a table next to the buffet and the other where we will simply have access to the rooms, but we will remain standing, although we really doubt that in the middle of the party we would prefer to be seated.

Party in the Lapa arches.

This party takes place every night at the Arcos da Lapa, which is the place where young people from Rio usually meet.

One of the most interesting aspects of this celebration, besides its beauty and splendor, is the innovation in aspects such as rhythm and style.

The Arcos da Lapa festival offers us pleasant surprises, with concerts ranging from traditional music to new trends. There are also popular stands where you can get everything at an excellent price.

Línea Naranja
Línea Naranja

Popular festivals.

Along with the celebration of the parades at the Sambódromo, there are countless outdoor parties all over Rio.

With this, the city intends to bring joy and spontaneity to those who attend the carnival. One of the most organized festivities we can find is the one held at Cinelandia Square.

But our possibilities do not end here. Besides the parties, people also gather in bars and small places or places to have fun in a more intimate way with relatives and friends.

The places that attract the most crowds are those located outside the Sambódromo.

Popular dance at Cinelandia.

It is an outdoor festival, with a total duration of five days, where we can enjoy different orchestras where the musicians are a symbol of carnival and recover the historical memory of the great dances of old.

It is a stage for the most famous idols and artists of the 40’s and 60’s, that is, the traditional music of Rio, mainly the Samba.

In this event, the audience is formed mainly by older people and workers who want to participate in the most traditional carnival events.

Place: Praça Floriano, Cinelandia (Downtown).

Fun around the sambadrome.

On parade nights, the surroundings of the Sambódromo are full of thousands of people.

This happens during the course of the carnival. Many of these people do not enter the Sambódromo, but they transmit all their joy through colourful costumes.

It is a popular gathering, so it is recommended to take the necessary precautions to have fun throughout our stay.


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